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Improve Your Business English Speaking

Improve Your Business English Speaking

Increase Your Business English Fluency Skills

Increase Your Business English Fluency Skills

Build Your Business English Confidence

Build Your Business English Confidence

What does FLUENCY offer?


  • active and engaging learning by doing approach

  • effective discussion-oriented flipped classroom method

  • professional vocabulary covering a wide range of business situations

  • more than 20 years of experience in teaching Business English at the university level


    • tailored self-paced speaking activities to boost your English confidence and clarity
    • guided online tasks to master business English vocabulary 

      live conversations to use what you have learned in the self-study part 

    • discussions-based approach to help you become a confident and fluent English speaker


      • live online speaking lessons as a part of the course
      • discussions, debates and dialogues to support your English fluency and confidence

        personal feedback, recommendations and right strategies to improve

      • step-by-step program and guidance in learning with FLUENCY

      How does FLUENCY work?

      The FLUENCY courses are module oriented. Each module deals with a specific business topic area and includes 20 days of studyguided self-study and live online lessons with a teacher.


      • includes interactive language quizzes, video/audio recording tasks and distant-learning activities supporting flipped classroom method
      • helps you to master specific vocabulary and language structures practised later in the class discussion 
      • is divided into 4 days a week followed by an online lesson (5thday). Students work up to 30 minutes daily at their own pace. 



      • includes guided conversation, discussions, debates, argumentations, and other speaking activities supporting learning by doing method 
      • provides an opportunity to practice English in a live discussion on related business topics and rehearse  what you have learned in the guided self-study part
      • is offered 4 times a month (it follows 4 days of your self-study) and lasts 60 minutes

      Who is FLUENCY perfect for?

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      • using English in their business environment   
      • working in/with multinational companies 
      • doing their business internationally

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      • looking for a career development
      • prepared to commit the time and effort to the FLUENCY program 
      • at B1 English level or above